Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas crafts

I cannot believe Christmas is only 12 days away!!!  Time flies!  I am glad the weather is cold here in Florida.  I felt like a fraud having Christmas decorations up with it being 70 degrees outside! 

Lately, in between feedings and naps, I have been working on some Christmas crafts for my family (hopefully they're not reading this)!  I wanted to give some handmade gifts this year.  Mainly because I just love creating and making things.  But also, it is much easier to sit at my dining room table and spread all my junk out and just make away than it is to fight crowds at the mall with a newborn baby. 

The first thing I started working on was Santa pots.  I made 5 of them, but I only have 1 complete so far.  Check it out:

This was so easy to do and I found the idea on another blog.  I cannot remember which one to save my life and of course I can't find the post either.  As soon as I find it, I will be sure to link up because I would like to give credit where credit is due!  I got regular terra cotta pots from Michael's and spray painted them red.  I used Krylon's Banner Red in gloss.  I then painted a black strip down the middle of the pot just using regular acrylic paint and a sponge brush.  I found white boas at Michael's for $1.99 and I could do 2 pots with one boa!  Score!  I cut the boa and hot glued it across the top of the pot.  I got silver sequins (also at Michael's) and hot glued them on in a square to make Santa's belt buckle.  And voila!  A super cute Santa pot that I am going to fill with goodies for my aunts and uncles!

The next little thing I've been working on are ornaments for my family.  I knew I wanted to use my Cricut and some vinyl for these ornaments.  I found a really neat tutorial on how to make glitter ornaments.  What a neat idea!

Here are the supplies you need:
  • glass ornaments (I got mine from Target)
  • fine glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter)
  • Pledge floor cleaner with Future Shine
  • vinyl
  • Cricut machine
  • ribbon
  • Saran Wrap

It is important that you get the right kind of Pledge.  I found mine at Walmart and it is the kind that has Future Shine (whatever that is....I have no clue).  It has a blue lid.  This Pledge has something in it that makes the glitter stick.  Here's how to do it:

  1. Pour some of the Pledge into your ball.  You only need to pour a little bit.  Then you cover the opening of your ball with the Saran Wrap and swish the Pledge all around the ball.  Pour out the excess Pledge.
  2. Next, pour some of your glitter (make sure it's fine glitter, not chunky) into the ball.  Again, cover the opening of the ball with the Saran Wrap and swish your glitter all around.  Make sure you cover the entire ball.  It's easy to miss the spots that didn't get covered so be sure to check your ball over real good.
  3. Put the ornament cover back onto your ball.
  4. Last, figure out what you want to put on your ball.  Like I said, I chose to use vinyl and my Cricut (I used images and letters from the Winter Woodland cartridge).  If you don't have that option, you could do endless other things.   You could paint on your ball, you could use scrapbook stickers, you could use etching cream, etc.  The possibilities are endless!
Here are the ornaments I made:

I also made an ornament for one of my best friends who owns a cheerleading gym.  The name of her gym is Cheer Co. and their logo is kind of like the Chanel logo with the 2 C's and one of them is backwards.  Their colors are turquoise and black.  Here is how her ornament turned out:

I think that one is my favorite!  She was so tickled when I gave it to her and she told me I could probably sell those at the gym and make a killing next year.  So we'll see how that works out!

How about you?  Have you been busy making any Christmas crafts??

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