Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emily – 4 Months

It is absolutely amazing to me to see how much changes in just one month.  Our baby girl is getting soooooo big!  I'm kind of starting to freak out.  I just want to freeze time and cherish this time as long as possible. 

I am a little late getting to this post (her 4 month birthday was on March 3rd), but I have been sooooo busy lately.  Better late than never, I guess!

Here are some pictures I took of her on March 3, 2011:






This flower on her headband looks red but it's really hot pink.  I made it (imagine that)!

Here are Miss Emily's 4 month stats:

Height:  24" (she was 19.3" when she was born)

Weight: 13 pounds, 8 ounces

Head Circumference: 39cm

New Developments: Emily, you are growing like a weed!  You have finally started to enjoy tummy time a little bit more.  You can lift your head during tummy time with ease.  Speaking of which, you rolled over for the first time on February 19th!  I was out of town and I missed it, but you did it for me a couple more times when I got home!  You've only rolled over 3 times but I can tell you are working on it every time you are on your back or tummy.  You are so alert!  You are very playful.  You love to play with some of your toys and you especially love your play mat because of the toys hanging down from it.  You are reaching for objects now, as well.  You put just about everything into your mouth.  This definitely doesn't mean that you're just hungry anymore.  You play with your fingers, hands, and feet a lot.  You have the cutest giggle that you do when we are playing with you.  You LOVE attention.  We can't sit you down for very long.  You are still wearing a size 1-2 diaper.  Although I think you will be moving on to size 2 diapers very soon.  You have yet to have bad diaper rash.  Your bottom has gotten a little reddish, but definitely not super red like a rash.  You aren't quite sleeping through the night yet (or shall I say anymore).  You usually wake up once or twice in the night.  We have started giving you a little formula and you have adjusted well to that.  This past week, I started giving you a little rice cereal as well.  I've only given it to you twice with your bottle and you seem to like it.  Our love for you continues to grow with every single day.  You are our life and mommy & daddy love you to pieces.  Never, ever forget that!

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